Camille Côté transcend the established traditional millinery through her unique vision. The brand reflect the designer free spirit by its design that allow movement and fluidity. Known for its instinctive minimalism, mixing sobriety and technical complexity, Camille Côté explore a new path claiming her mission : offering a hat that fits everyone. The Cropped Hat™ is becoming the symbol of a movement, powered by the brand community, that express multiples variations of their true self.


Fits everyone

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SLM top 5 songs

When we feel lonely - especially in those dark times we going through - music is like a dopamine injection.


Streetwear Everywear

It's not all about Haute Couture with super expensive brands. So today let’s  talk about streetwear, which is a nice combination between sportswear, music (mainly hip-hop) and art (graffiti) and its influence in the fashion world.


Playlist: Motivation Every(Mon)Day!

Don't know about you but I feel more productive with music at work. Sometimes it only takes just one little song to put you in tha mood and gives tha little motivation for the rest of the day.


How To Find Your Hair Routine

Our collaborator Julie is generous enough to share with us her best hair routine tips (whatever your hair type is). Get your hair done baby.


Artist of The Week - Meet Camilo Musse!

We asked several questions to the rapper and multi talented Mozambique born, now UK citizen : Camilo Musse.