4 Easy Ways To Relax Your Mind

Today’s topic is a bit different but needed. Life might seem stressful right now with everything that's happening… HELLO, anxiety. 

So let’s look after ourselves during this time. It’s important to keep a well-balanced life and mostly be kind to Ourselves and to others. 

It often starts with small things, like taking a break from social media, cutting toxic people out of your life or even taking a long bath while listening to your favourite playlist… It could be anything.

To help you narrow ways to relax, we've hand-picked a few exercises that’ll help to ease your soul and clear your mind.


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Meditation is a practice where you focus the mind on a specific thing., it can be your breathing, a thought, an object. You have to keep your concentration on that and bring back your attention whenever your mind gets distracted. It reduces stress, clears your mind, increases creativity and memory.

Guided meditation might be helpful.

Steps to follow:

  • Find a quiet space. Sit comfortably (seated or on the floor legs crossed)
  • Slowly close your eyes and start doing deep breathing
  • Focus on your breathing then observe what's happening in your inner self. 
  • Slowly you’ll feel relaxed... and your meditation begins.


Easy breathwork that changes your energy, calms the nervous system and decreases stress.

Steps to follow: 

  • Find a nice place. Sit comfortably.
  • Close your eyes then inhale for four seconds
  • Hold your breath for four seconds 
  • Then exhale, while counting 1,2,3,4. 
  • Repeat at least eight times. Your muscles will gradually relax.


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It's the mind/body routine you need in your daily life. The more you stretch, the more you improve your flexibility.

Child pose is the easiest yoga pose. It’s known for easing tension in the back, neck and shoulders. It gently stretches your body. Also known for calming your body and mind.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Kneel on the floor or the mat (to be more comfortable), toes joined together and your thighs apart. 
  • Make sure to rest your butt on your heels, then put your torso in your thighs. 
  • Place your arms in front of you with your forehead on the mat. 
  • Inhale four seconds then exhale four seconds and make sure  to stretch your back at the same time.


Practicing your grounding helps you to reconnect with the present moment. It brings you back to reality by pushing away flashbacks, bad thoughts and unwanted memories. You just have to recenter yourself.

Here are two different ways:

  • The first choice is pretty easy. Find five things you can see, five things you can hear, and five things you can feel.

  • For the second choice, you only need a piece of paper, a pen and music. Draw a line as the music plays. Follow the music with the pen.

Hope these exercises will be helpful for you, your family and friends. Remember to be patient and gentle with yourself. You've got this, we've got this.

Take care.



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