IMAGINE THIS : A Free Summer

IMAGINE THIS :  A Free Summer

Free to love and do anything you want. Risking it all, your hair in the wind, the sun on your face and wishing all your worries away. 

leonardo dicaprio, summer, free, sunset

free summer, blue car, mustang

natural hair, butterflies, summer, free

sunset, car rides, mirror, sea

couple, lesbian, summer, 70's, free

Now, let's transfer this vision into outfits ... 

tamanjiprecious1, instagram, natural hair, outfits inspiration baiayellaw, instagram, natural hair, outfits inspiration  sarahjoholder, instagram, natural hair, outfits inspo  weworewhat, instagram, fashion, outfit inspiration    noemielacerte, instagram, outfit inspiration, montreal   patty_b, instagram, natural hair, outfit inspiration 

... And pair It with our selection of Camille Coté Hats

Our Cap:  Kennedy 

kennedy, camille coté, cap, natural hair, ajustable, black  

Our Bucket Hat:  Liberté

Liberté, Camille coté, bucket hat, ajustable, pink,

Our Visor : Aimée 

Aimée, visor, black, camille coté, natural hair, ajustable

At last, close your eyes and listen

California girls, the beach boys, music, spotify, summer



Cover image :
All of the vision pictures are taken from Pinterest
Outfits inspiration: 

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