Feel the coolness of the water pearling on your skin, the burning heat of the sand and the emerging urge of dropping everything and jumping in.

water,beach, reflection, sun, summer               metro, water, summer, sun


eater, summer, sun, reflection, waves       water, beach, jumping in, tan skin, summer


tears, water, glitters, sparkles, tan skin 


 beach, surf, waves, sun, reflection



Now, let's transfer this vision into outfits ... 


Going all in

Black model in a fashion couture runway wearing a sparkling outfit.


European and fancy

A young woman wearing a pink sparkling blouse.


Chic but...



Woman wearing a orange summer outfit in the streets of Los Angeles.


Not over this

Young woman taking a selfie in a black and white streetwear outfit.


Young woman wearing a sparkling red summer outfit.


Oh and these OMG

Fenty + Puma pair of glittery sandals.

... Pair It with our selection of Camille Coté Hats


La bomba!

Camille Côté Claire white straw riding cap, ideal for natural hair.

The maxi visor

The Camille Côté Aimée edgy black wide visor is perfect for summer.

That feminine bucket hat

Camille Côté Liberty summer pink straw bucket hat, fits all hair.

The sporty visor...but not too much

The Camille Côté summer black straw sporty visor, makes your outfit dope.


At last, close your eyes and listen

Summer song, The Wave, beach, dreamy, R3HAB, Lia Marie Johnson


Have a peaceful summer y'all ! 

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