Let's be creative

Talented photographer Chantelle Fromager and model Julie Yango made a special fun project for Camille Côté.

Here is their photoshoot collaboration including and inspired by our Original Cropped Hat™.

Our collaborato Julie Yango in this Cropped Hat editorial

Creative photoshoot for Camille Côté by Chantelle Fromager
The back view of the fro model wearing the Cropped Hat in this photoshoot editorial
Editorial photo of the Camille Côté Cropped Hat on a model in the dark

Aïsha aka Gayance for Camille Côté

We are always seeking for strong inspirational women. The Montreal born and international DJ Gayance is one of them. With her authentic attitude and powerful ideas, she breaks the codes and inspire freedom.

We had the pleasure to have her for a photoshoot. She is wearing the PARKS wide straw hat from our SS20 drop.


Gayance having fun with her vintage feminine outfit
The beautiful Aisha wearing the Parks natural straw hat with clear high heels and flower dress
The smile and joy from Gayance wearing her Camille Côté new hat
Attitude from the international DJ Gayance
The Montreal born DJ Gayance is taking the pose for Camille Côté




Nicole for Camille Côté

We went wild in this 70's vibe spring editorial.

Nicole Musoni is an artist living in Montreal. She is inspiring us for her elegance and strong presence. Definitly one of the Camille Côté muses. Proudly showing off her beautiful natural hair, Nicole wears differents uniques hats that allows us to reinvent the comptemporary wardrobe.

The vintage/cowgirl look make us dream of an other time, in those Montreal streets. 


Nicole Musoni standing across a vintage car and wearing a unique Camille Côté felt hat in a jeans outfit.
Nicole Musoni for our 2020 spring editorial wearing a unique Camille Côté felt hat in a vintage jeans jacket.
The beautiful Nicole posing for Camille Côté latest editorial rocking an "Lauryn Hill" look.
Headshot of Nicole Musoni and her natural hair, wearing a unique felt hat by Camille Côté.
In this spring editorial photoshoot, the model is wearing a vintage outfil with a unique Camille Côté hat.
The back details of a Camille Côté unique felt hat : elastic band, edgy cut, psychedelic printed felt.
Cowgirl style, in this headshot of Nicole wearing a wide brim, black and white felt, Camille Côté unique hat
Spring editorial photoshoot, representing the 70's street vibe, with the model wearing a colorful vintage outfit and a wide brim felt hat.
Nicole Musoni for Camille Côté, wearing a vintage style outfit and a wide brim felt hat with a sporty chin strap.


Photo : Kaven Tremblay

Beauty : Béatrice St-Germain

Stylism : Tishanna Carnevale

Model : Nicole Musoni


Shah Frank for Camille Côté 

Shah Frank is an R & B singer of Haitian origin. It is with an angel voice, but that of a fierce angel that transports you to his world where it feels like home.


The singer Shah Frank wearing the clear and orange bucket hat for Camille Côté.
                                                                          The Shah Frank portrait for Camille Côté unique hat release.
The singer Shah Frank modeling for Camille Côté hats.
A collaboration with Shah Frank wearing a unique hat with orange elastic band.
                                                                                 Shah Frank portrait wearing a white t-shirt, an orange short and a rain hat.
Shah Frank is all smile with her new rain bucket hat.


Fall edito 

" may the hat fit your afro "


Photo : Dominic Lachance

Beauty : Léonie Lévesque

Stylism : Anne Fafard Blais

Model : Payton Ashes


The natural hair model wears a red suit with the purple furfelt knot hat
The model sitting on a chair wear the Camille Côté hat for this editorial photoshoot.
The afro hair model wears a fashion outfit for Camille Côté.
The woman modeling jumps for a pose in this editorial.
The model has an afro natural hair.
The riding cap Chief matches the fashion outfit in this fashion editorial
The Chief hat fits the afro natural hair of the model.
A beauty shot with natural afro hair.Cropped photo of the fashion outfit.The gold visor and the face of the model.Fashion pose of the natural hair girl wearing the gold visor.The gold visor weared by the model.


SS19 campain 

" active yet classy "


Photo : Dominic Lachance

Beauty : Léonie Lévesque

Stylism : Izabel Soucy

Model : Shaya Suli



The woman wears the Marion black visor.
The SS19 straw visor weared by the woman.
The black straw visor Marion is weared by the purple t-shirt woman.
The woman wearing an spring outfit matching the visor Marion.
The cream bucket Liberty weared by this street style sitting woman.
The back of the summer hat Liberty on this street look woman.
The front of the Liberty hat weared by the sporty look woman.On the street, the pink bucket hat liberty matching the Camille Côté belt.The Camille Côté elastic is integrated inside this pink summer bucket hat.The chic outfit fits with the wide visor Aimée on this woman.The visor Aimée is weared by this short hair woman.The summer natural straw hat Jasmine is in the street stairs.The details of the straw on the Jasmine SS19 hat.The woman wears a silk scarf with the Camille Côté T-shirt and summer hat.The Brigitte summer visor in front of a granite street wall.The woman wears a beige trench with the pink visor Brigitte.The pink straw visor Brigitte weared by the woman.The spring outfit and pink visor Brigitte is weared by the woman.In the street there is the Claire white straw riding cap with Camille Côté logo on it.The woman wear a scarf with her straw hat.The street photo shows the Marion pastel straw visor on the floor.The hand is holds the pastel summer visor Marion.

Laurie for Camille Côté

" It's friday "


Laurie wears the felt gold Ali riding cap with her coat.

Laurie wearing the Ali hat is getting ready in front of the mirror.Laurie wears the Ali felt gold cap for this Camille Côté editorial.

Andrea for Camille Côté

" elegance is not dead "


Andrea wears the Guerrero FW16 felt riding cap with a boyfriend sweatshirt.The trenchcoat of Andrea matches the Camille Côté felt cap.Wearing a long trenchcoat and the felt cap Guerrero, Andrea is modeling for this editorial.Andrea for Camille Côté wears a beige coat and a black hat.Andrea in this editorial portrait for Camille CôtéThe model wears the black felt hat BABE.The back of the earflap hat BABE on the blond hair model.The model wears elegant outfit with black earflap Camille Côté hat.Beauty shot from Andrea wearing the BABE fall-winter hat.Full body look including the earflap hat BABE.Hands in pockets, the model wears a warm black felt hat.A chic ready-to-wear outfit on the model for Camille Côté editorial.


Aleyssa for Camille Côté

" a comfortable Sunday "


The model wearing the green wide brim felt hat Cabrera.Standing in the natural light, the model wears the Cabrera hat.In this editorial, Aleyssa wear a beige hoodie with a green felt hat.The Cropped Hat Cabrera with a hoodie, in this Camille Côté photoshoot.Aleyssa wears the Cabrera Cropped Hat™ in this photoshoot.